Thriving in the network economy




There is a new business rulebook in the networks economy. Network companies dominate the world:

  • Instead of industries, think of ecosystems: according to McKinsey 32% of global sales will come from ecosystems by 2025 

  • Seven of the top 12 largest companies by market capitalization—Alibaba, Alphabet (Google), Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, and Tencent—are ecosystem players.

  • Software is eating the world and is destroying economic rent: think of Kodak

  • Due to the network effect, the winner often takes all: think of Google

In order to thrive, businesses now have to understands:

  • network economics, game theory, incentives

  • how to create, develop and monetize on networks

  • the role of transparency and cooperation

  • new business models enabled by disruptive technologies like AI, blockchain, solar PV, autonomous vehicles, nanotechnology


We work with the best enterprises, investors and startups helping them thrive in the network economy. We do it by reconstructing the innovation process based on the new rulebook and applying it to business models, market adoption, monetization strategies, ecosystem development, markets, money and capital.




Founding Partner, President of Advisory Board

Supply Chains, Enterprise Software, Enterprise Sales 

(Santa Monica, CA)
Executive Vice President of Global Sales at Logility, a leading provider of collaborative supply chain optimization and advanced retail planning solutions. Previously held various sales and operational leadership positions in both young and mature enterprise software companies focused on the supply chain, including executive vice president of global sales at GT Nexus and vice president of Industrial and High Tech Markets at QAD.


Founding Partner

Network Economics, Incentives, Platforms, Sustainability, Energy, Software Development


(San Diego, CA)
Practical economist and technologist, who builds solutions that work in the real world and has answers to questions like “How can anyone compete with Amazon?”.
Successful business executive and project director. Subject Matter Expert with hands on experience in Blockchain and AI projects. After receiving a master’s, worked in project finance, real estate, energy and software development for both startups and international enterprises.


Founding Partner 

Finance, Fintech, Compliance, Venture Capital


(London, UK)
Financial services expert with over twenty years of industry experience, of which more than 15  years in project finance, private equity and venture capital, including a number of new technology (nano tech, energy storage) deals in Europe, Asia and the US. Recent experience focused on global regulatory landscape in relation to blockchain.



AI, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision, Software/IT Architecture, Software Development, Blockchain

(Zug, Switzerland)
AI and Machine Learning expert, holds a Master’s degree in Machine Learning and Computer Vision (MMLCV) and 2 Bachelor degrees: in Mechanical engineering in Software engineering. Worked for Microsoft, T-Mobile and with several startups as CTO and Head Developer. Winner of the Microsoft Prague hackathon.



Investments, Hedge Funds, Asset Management, Fintech, Quantitative Investment

(San Francisco, California)
Experienced investment executive with a proven track record of top tier performance returns. A global citizen with more than 20 years of experience working in investment management and financial services. Successfully led and managed hedge funds investments through tremendous growth in both start-up and mature environments.



Blockchain, Ethereum, Software Development, P2P Databases

(Font, Switzerland)
Veteran software engineer with more than 20 years of professional experience. Worked for prime companies like Nestle, UBS, JTI, Cartier and PostFinance. Ethereum developer since 2015, Expert in technical blockchain strategy, P2P databases, value networks, asset backed coins, decentralized liquidity networks and smart contracts.



Tech B2B and B2C Sales, Adoption Science, Customer Behavior

(San Francisco, California)
Blockchain Business Development, Marketing, Growth, Lead Generation and Applied Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Expert.
Thrives in early stage, high pressure environments where diverse and talented people are responsible for delivering technical solutions to world-changing problems.


Facilitator and Advisor

Sustainability, Renewables, Energy efficiency, Equity and debt financing, Emerging markets

(London, UK)
Believer in delivering the double bottom line of sustainability with attractive financial returns. Background in infrastructure project finance in emerging markets, experience as energy industry treasurer and CFO, and track record in investment management as fund CFO, advisor to entrepreneurs and corporates on financial management and financing strategies, and in institutional fundraising.



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